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Bungoma man eats 2Kgs of ugali in 35 Minutes [Video]

Bungoma County is often in the news for various stories, but today it unveiled a potential champion when Tony Wamalwa demolished an impressive 2 kilograms of ugali in just 35 minutes.

The competition was organized by locals from the Marakaru area of Bungoma, without realizing that a record would be broken in less than an hour.

According to Wamalwa’s competitor, they had refrained from eating anything for several hours in preparation for this highly contested battle of consuming ugali with omena.

Wamalwa stated that they simply decided to organize the eating competition to determine the winner.

The event takes place annually during the planting season, and the champion usually receives maize seeds and fertilizer to use for planting.

It was a remarkable feat by Wamalwa, who demonstrated his prowess in devouring the traditional dish.

Wamalwa’s competitor said that he had taken part in various competitions despite losing in the deeply heated competition.

Wamalwa congratulated his opponent at the end of the competition by saying that what he just ate was a lot and only a few people could do it.

The competition showcased the level of food culture and competition that exists in Bungoma County.

Wamalwa’s impressive performance is a testament to the potential that exists in the county, not just in the realm of food but also in other areas such as sports, music, and academics.

This request came after revealing that one of their own could consume 3 kilograms of Ugali per meal.

The mother expressed her concerns that their food supplies were running low due to the young man’s constant appetite.

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