Confusion as William Ruto’s portrait falls after he arrived at AmCham Summit in Nairobi

William Ruto’s presidential portrait fell at the Ole Sereni Hotel in Nairobi on Thursday, March 30 shortly after he arrived to preside over the American Chamber of Commerce Summit.

The Head of State, who arrived at the facility a few minutes past 2pm, was yet to enter the summit hall, when the incident happened.

After the portrait fell off the wall, it wasn’t immediately returned to position because of a large screen beneath its original location that was preventing a quick fix.

The organisers, however, found a way of fixing it in place using a makeshift ladder, several minutes later.

The incident marked a confusing moment for the organisers as it is usually a respectful tradition to have the president’s portrait hanged whenever he is, especially on official functions.

“The presidential portrait was hanging loosely on the wall. At around 2:52pm, it fell off. It wasn’t immediately returned until 3:20pm, when the president was about to make his way into the hall,” Jimmy Mbogo said.

The AmCham Business Summit is a strategic platform for strengthening two-way trade and investment between the US and East Africa.

The summit aims to empower private enterprise in driving long-term economic ties, enhancing trade and promoting investment.

Ruto’s attendance of the AmCham Summit marked the first official event he was gracing on Thursday, March 30 after returning to Kenya from his four-day tour of Germany and Belgium.

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