Controversial Kisii Gospel Singer Under Fire For Releasing a Song Titled “Nikuingize Ndani”

Kisii gospel singer Christopher Mosioma aka Embarambamba has been out of the scene for a while, but he is back with a bang.

He made his comeback with a new release christened “Nikuingize Ndani,” a song that he maintains is meant to mean his is inviting people to Christ.

In a controversial music video, the Bend this Way songwriter is seen in the bush with a white towel singing to a lady, supposedly the recruit he is trying to win.

As has become synonymous with him, Embarambamba is seen doing his signature dances while jumping on trees.

“Nataka nikuingize ndani, ndani ya Yesu,” the chorus goes. He defended the song, adding that it may sound ungodly but the message is that he wants to make the vixen a disciple of Jesus.

According to him, he has to use such lyrics in his songs, which is the reason they are popular with the masses.

It is not clear why the artiste chose to do the video while dressed in just a towel and how it spreads the message, but he argues that uniqueness sells.

“When I roll in the mud and tear my clothes it means that I am tearing my earthly clothes that carry my weaknesses and putting on the robe of Jesus,” he said, as reported by Nairobi News.

Arguably, the titling of the song coupled by the fact that the video shows him and the vixen in towels is bound to be a subject of discussion within and without gospel circles.

Then again, that is probably the reason he chose the road less taken when it comes to gospel videos in Kenya and beyond.

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