“She Was Speaking In Tongues and Chasing Dogs,” Aunt, Neighbours recounts moment before Kitengela Woman Severed Her Daughter to death and eat body parts.

The Aunt of Kitengela Woman who severed her two year-old daughter to death and eat body parts has recounted the last moment before she committed the murder Sunday night.

Gladys Wanjiku has described her niece, Olivia Naserian as a disciplined child, who respected her parents and close relatives. She was however disturbed by the incident when Naserian is said to have gone beserk before killing her only daughter.

From the video footage which has gone viral on social media, Naserian had locked herself in her mother’s house in Kitengela before committing the crime that has left many in shock.

“Something is very wrong. We were not here, but the reports we are getting from our neighbours is that Naserian started talking in tongues and chasing after the only dog at home hours before descending on her child,” said Wanjiku.

She said that Naserian, a student at a local university, had gone to live with her boyfriend in Kirinyaga for close to 8 months, and returned last week.

However, they noticed she was disturbed. Her mother also noticed the weird behaviour of her daughter when she arrived on Thursday.

“When she arrived at their Kitengela home, she even helped her mother prepare chapatis and all the time she would jump on her mother and show her a lot of love,” said Wanjiku.

Wanjiku said Naserian had not told anyone that she was leaving her boyfriend’s home after an eight-month stay.

“The mother of her boyfriend told us that Naserian left with her laptop, her child and without her cellphone. We do not know what happened to her before she left Kirinyaga,” said her aunt.

And upon her arrival, her mother sent her Sh1,000 for a taxi and even promised to buy her a new phone.

She explained that Naserian is a member of the Anglican Church of Kenya in Kitengela, but she is not sure which church she attended while in Kirinyaga.

Her neighbours revealed that before the tragic incident on Sunday night, she started shouting and speaking in tongues, breaking utensils, windows and the TV.

Her neighbours, who sought anonymity, said they attempted to persuade her to leave the child but she went on to eat the baby’s body parts.

Local residents could not rescue the child and had to watch in horror as the tragedy unfolded.

Police officers who were called to the scene managed to break into the house and found Naseren unconscious. The child’s body was taken to the morgue, while Naseren was taken to Kitengela Sub-County Hospital.

Upon arriving at the hospital, Naseren was forced to vomit the alleged body parts, which will be used as evidence against her.

On Tuesday morning before she was taken to court, Naserian demanded to see her child.

When the Star attempted to contact Naserian’s boyfriend, he picked up the call and refused to talk. He is using Naserian’s phone.

In a statement to the press, the lady acknowledged attacking her own baby, explaining that her actions were driven by a deep self-loathing and the immense pain she had experienced in relation to her child.

“I do not love myself and that is the reason why I decided to take the life of my daughter,” the lady stated.

Kajiado court Chief Magistrate Jane Kamau on Tuesday ordered her detention for 10 more days to allow police officers to complete their investigations.

Naserian is expected to appear for the hearing on May 8.

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  1. Im 100% sure the Kitengela lady Niserian has an acute mental illness due to delayed deppression.This s a new disease affecting young people from ages 25-45 who re usually leading frustrated lives resulting failed marriages,too much work or even loneliness.Sadly the govt,employers or medics are not taking it seriously.Most notably start symptoms: patients talk to themselves,don’t bath,lose of appetite,lack of sleep and being restless.Advanced
    suicidal symptoms:runs away into anything,jumps from storey buildings, locks themselves in rooms to do body harm etc.Its a deadly diseases that parents or relatives need to act swiftly to take such patients pyschatric doctor immediately to safe life.

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