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Watu Wengi Sana Wanakufa kwa Hiyo Kanisa!: Milele Funeral Home CEO claims they’ve been receiving several bodies from Pastor Ezekiel’s church

Milele Funeral Home’s CEO Johnson Amani Kea has come out to respond to Pastor Ezekiel Odero’s remarks against the mortuary.

Ezekiel had claimed in a viral video that his prayers caused the morgue to shut down.

According to the preacher, who is now in police custody, he was against the mortuary since it operates independently without a hospital or a dispensary.

“If you go down to Mavueni on your way to Mombasa, on your right-hand side, there is Milele Funeral Home. They don’t have a hospital, a dispensary, or a clinic, it is just a funeral home. And right there is a black spot. You die and they take you straight to the mortuary.

In an interview with Chadi TV, Amani dismissed Ezekiel’s claims of their mortuary’s gate being a black spot.

The businessman said they are intending to expand and have a serious health facility in the complex.

He admitted that the pastor’s New Life Prayer Center and Church has been feeding them with dead bodies.

“If I give you the total number of dead bodies we receive from the pastor’s church you will be shocked. People are dying in that church and they bring them to Milele Funeral Home and we just accept,” he said.

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