Gachagua to journalists: Mambo Na shares Kwa Serikali Niulize Mimi Msiende kuuliza Ruto

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua on Thursday chided journalists for wrongly directing the ‘government shares’ question to the president during a recent media interview.

According to Gachagua, he is the rightful person to explain it since he is the originator and not President William Ruto.

“Nyinyi next time you call the president for an interview to talk about the plan sio kumuuliza mambo ya shares, mnauliza nini shares? si mniulize mimi?” he posed amidst laughter.

Gachagua made the remarks when he met the UDA party coordinators from the 47 counties at a Nairobi hotel.

“Mimi ni mwenye hiyo maneno, mimi ni mwenye shares, so just call me for an interview and ask me what this thing is all about…na mimi siogopi,” he said.

The president, he said, should be let to unite the country and run the economy and politics be left to him to handle.

“I want to tell the press it is not all about government, it is not about sharing natural resources. No, the government is for every Kenyan,” he explained.

Emphasising it, the DP maintained that the Opposition is unjustified to claim a portion of the Kenya Kwanza administration.

He argued that when it comes to state appointments, Ruto is qualified to pick persons who understand the agenda and who can help him deliver.

“In matters governance, their shares are zero but on matters development we are equal…hatuwezi enda kuchukua watu wa Azimio na walitutoroka,” he added.

Gachagua has been facing an attack from Azimio la Umoja after he likened the national government to a limited company saying those who voted for them are the biggest shareholders and must benefit first

.Opposition leader Raila Odinga has termed it as reckless and divisive.

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