Woman Working as Mortuary Attendant Recalls Day Body Fell Out of Drawer: “Nlihepa” and The Incident Traumatised me

A Nakuru woman who works as a mortuary attendant has recalled the day a body fell out of a trolley mistakenly, leaving her traumatised.

Twenty-six-year-old Filinda Kamau has been rising to fame due to her Tiktok videos showcasing her day-to-day life as a mortician at the Egerton University Funeral Home.

Speaking to Citizen TV, Filinda, who said being a mortician was her dream for as long as she could remember, recounted a scary moment while training at Chiromo that nearly made her change her mind about working in the funeral industry.

“I was with my friend, and when we pulled out one of the drawers where a body had been preserved, a body fell out. It turns out the drawer was not fully functional. I ran away, and that incident traumatised me,” she narrated.

The mortician said the incident also made her suffer nightmares, but she has since embraced her profession and fears nothing.

“The moment I leave the morgue, I forget everything about it. I don’t get nightmares,” she added.

The woman has been dividing opinions on social media due to the videos she shares showing her day-to-day life as an undertaker.

“I share the videos to help people understand and see what happens in morgues. Things have changed and mortuaries are cleaner, and people should see that,” she said.

Her dream is to one day own her own funeral home.

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