19-Year-Old Boy Wins Sh10Million bet Using Sh100, His Father Asks Him to Return the Money

A man has reportedly asked his son to return the Sh10 million he won through sports betting.

The boy, who is said to be 19 years old, staked only sh100, and he won the Sh10 million and brought it home.

His father, however, referred to sports betting as something bad and asked the boy to take the money back to where it came from quickly.

The story was contained in an anonymous message sent via messaging platform NGL.

The full message later emerged online, and it was also posted by CorrectNG.

In the message, the boy’s brother is seeking advice from members of the public on how to deal with the situation.

He lamented that their rent was due and their father had rejected the bet money resulting in a rift between him and his wife.

Even though the man has seen the game slip, he has refused to accept the money into his house, saying it should be returned to the betting company.

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