List of 5 Most Profitable Businesses You Can Start With Ksh 500

Due to the unemployment rate in Kenya, thousands of youth often find themselves looking for alternative ways to make ends meet.

An estimated 800,000 youth are unemployed in Kenya. This has prompted many to seek entrepreneurial opportunities instead of opting for employment. Many businesses have sprung up from as little as Ksh500 as businessmen develop various options to thrive..

Roasting Maize

Often spotted at major streets in busy towns or residential areas, many Kenyans enjoy grabbing a piece of roasted maize at an affordable cost of either Ksh 10 or Ksh 20 depending on the size of the maize.

Many hawkers opt for this endeavour as it does not require much capital and much to the surprise of many, it is a very profitable business. The only equipment needed is the roasting equipment, fresh supply of corn and the business is underway. One can make a cool kSh500 to Ksh1000 daily.

Shoe shinning

For many, the idea of a shoe shining business brings to mind a small, informal street operation where one camps at a busy street, begging customers to get the service at a small fee.

The business only requires the shoe shining equipment such as brushes, shoe polish of various colors to cater to a wide variety of customers. The prices range from ksh 30 for the normal service and other services such as shoe repairs come at an extra cost. A tin of shoe polish goes Ksh30, and this alone can serve more than 20 adults, each paying Ksh30.

Water Vending

The lucrative business involves hawking bottled water of various brands in different spots along busy roads. This is seen as many youths often preserve the water to ensure they provide cold water to customers who are in dire need for a drink to quench their thirst.

The price for the water bottles usually ranges at around Ksh20. Imagine how many bottles Ksh500 can get you.

Selling shaped balloons to kids

Children love balloons. All one needs to do is buy a few balloons, shape them into anything imaginable, say an a giraffe, then sell it to children at various playing grounds. Kids love playing with them, sometimes even wearing them as a hat.

The good news is that balloons are not durable, and often burst after a few minutes, which means another trip to your stand for a replacement. Many of the business people offering this are found on kids festivals and children talent shows, playgrounds.

Businesses can also diversify and offer face paint, small toys, wristbands in order to maximise on their return.

Selling Ice cream

Especially lucrative during the dry seasons, the business attracts many customers who enjoy a cold soothing. To start a simple ice cream business, a fridge and basic ingredients are required and the business is underway.

Some of the best places to start the ice cream business include near shopping malls and Supermarkets, along busy roads, near offices and near hospitals.

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