My Husband’s ‘Transformer’ is Not Functioning Since February,Please Help Me I’m Suffering!:Lady Pleads With Pastor

A Kenyan woman has sought the intervention of a preacher over her marital woes.

The Narok resident lamented to Pastor Jeremiah Kioko that her husband could not meet her needs.

Footage shared on YouTube depicted the woman at the front of the church.

“My marriage is in a rough patch. Since February, my man’s machine is not working,” she said.

The woman then accused her husband of being violent, leaving home early and returning late.

“How do you know his machine is not working?” asked the preacher.

The woman, married for 16 years, then said she left their Narok home for Kisii in December 2022, and things were not the same when she returned in February.

“When I arrived, I noticed a difference. I have suffered. I want my rights as his wife,” she said, fighting back the tears.

The woman said her hubby does not allow her to touch his phone. Kioko then consoled the woman while slamming her husband.

“That is very wrong. How can she stay for four months without her needs being met?”

The woman then explained that her husband always turned down her advances by saying he was tired.

“When I try to switch on the transformer, it refuses to work.” Kioko preacher then gave her oil, promising it would solve the issue. “Come back and give me your testimony,” he said.

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