Man Faints as DNA Shows He Didn’t Sire His 6 Children

A man who educated his six children in expensive international schools has been left puzzled after a DNA test showed that he did not sire them.

The father of six, who works in Europe and who had invested heavily in his children’s education, is said to have sought a DNA test after his wife, during an argument, blurted out that he did not sire some of the children.

In a report by Uganda’s The Observer, the woman later told her husband that she said those words in a moment of anger, but the man was not convinced.

This led him to secretly seek DNA tests on all his six children at the Directorate of Government Analytical Laboratory (DGAL) in Uganda.

Addressing the media, Simon Peter Mundeyi, the Ministry of Internal Affairs spokesperson, revealed that the man did not, at first, believe the DNA results when they first came out as they showed he did not sire any of his children.

“But being a person of means, we advised him to take samples to other laboratories,” Mundeyi said.

The man would carry out similar tests in Canada and South Africa before he finally came to terms with the rude awakening.

According to Mundeyi, many men have been carrying out DNA tests, and the results have been leaving them dumbfounded.

A section of the affected men have even asked the government for their names to be removed from their children’s passports because of the findings from the paternity tests.

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