We’ve Lost Another Man On Duty!:Nairobians Mourn Catholic Priest Who Died in Lodging

A woman named Shee Maguta has penned an emotional tribute to deceased Catholic priest Joseph Kariuki Wanjiku.

The 43-year-old clergyman who was in charge of St. Peters Ruai died after what is suspected to be a night of fun with his girlfriend at a Murang’a hotel.

Shee mourned the pastor as a devoted servant of God whom she disclosed has impacted her faith in a great way having known him for six years.

The young mother expressed how much she had learnt to enjoy the deceased clergyman’s sermons, adding that he had been a mentor to many.

Shee maintained that Kariuki was the best priest she had ever known in her spiritual growth, and that he had written his eulogy in many hearts.

“It has been a few hours since I learned about your demise. It’s sad, it’s devastating, it’s terribly horrific,” she mourned.

Heaven gained a king,

She She wrote that it is not only her who is reeling from the shock but St Peters Catholic Church, Ruai, as a whole, and that they have “millions of queries”.

The grieving Christian underpinned that if tears would bring deceased people back, a return ticket would have been signed already.

As a staunch believer, what gives her the strength to soldier on is the faith and belief that they shall meet again in the afterlife.

In the wake of the priest’s sudden demise, Shee divulged that she is worried and asking herself how days are granted to each and every human being.

She prevailed upon God to help humans count their days so that they are able to know what life holds, and when it will come to an end.

“Every single second wonders and unimaginable are always due. So due to the burst, to blast, to shake and give life another angle,” she wrote.

As of the time of filing this story, investigations into the death of the clergyman were still underway.

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