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Atanimaliza!:Nyeri Woman Divorce’s 1-Week Husband Over His Big “MJULUS”

A woman from Nyeri county Mjengo area, filed for divorce from her newly wedded husband because his manhood was too big, according to local reports.

The housewife and mother-of-three, asked for her marriage to husband to be dissolved due to his large manhood.

Their divorce was granted after just one week of marriage in a legal court in which by the kenyan law they are legally married.

The woman claims to have married the said husband after her previous marriage hit the rocks.

As part of the mans local tradition, before settling into her husband’s home the bride was invited to move into his parents’ house.

But it was only when the couple first had s€x she claimed that it was when the trauma began.

“Its strange i can no longer enjoy s€x with him,his manhood is unbearable its too big for me,I cant do this anymore”.she argued in the courts,which granted him his relief

After their first attempt in making love, she took medication given to her by her mother.

“I told my mother about the experience but she told me to endure and that with time, I will be able to cope. She then gave me some pills,” she claimed

The woman claims, they had sex again but it was ‘too much too painful’ and the couple however to call it a quit since no drug could help their sex life or their marriage.

The said man did not however deny the accusation and said the both have agreed on dissolving the union if his dowry and money spent during the courtship was paid back in full without any delays.

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