Mystery surrounding the death of Thika Grandmother whose body was discovered after 9 months

The incident in which an 82-year-old woman from Thika was found dead in her house has taken a puzzling twist after her granddaughter shared a video showing the woman’s house.

The elderly woman, identified as Leah Njeri, is said to have died nine months ago. Her decomposing body was found in her Landless home in Thika, leading to investigations surrounding her death.

A video that her granddaughter recorded of the woman’s home is now going viral on social media, and it also raises more questions than answers about the woman’s shocking demise.

In the clip, the young lady’s clip showed the elderly woman’s house looking vandalised as papers, and clothes were seen scattered on the floor.

According to the granddaughter, the sockets were also plucked out. “I don’t know if there were thieves in the house as there are jembes on the floor and knives. Here in the kitchen, there is no cooker, and in the sitting room, the TV has been broken. I don’t think grandma can do this,” she said in the video in which she was sending her uncle.

Even more shocking was the family photos that the woman found all scattered and destroyed. “The electronics are gone; even the microwave is missing. The fridge is here but has been totally destroyed,” she said.

The granddaughter is said to have travelled from South Africa to visit her grandmother, and she was also shocked to find out that the ceiling was open.

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