4 Kenyan girls attacked by evil spirits after stealing mangoes

There was a moment of drama in Mukuyu village, located within the suburbs of Muranga town, after four girls were allegedly possessed by evil spirits after stealing mangoes from a farm at the nearby Kamururi village.

It took the intervention of a pastor from an evangelical church who conducted prayers and a ceremony to exorcise the demons from the youngsters.

TUKO.co.ke on Saturday, January 12, visited the home of Elizabeth Muthoni to find her two daughters aged seven and 15 and those of her neighbour, Emily Njeri, aged seven and 14 years respectively, hissing and slithering like snakes as they crawled on the floor.


According to Muthoni, she was busy cooking ugali for supper when her young daughter said she had a stomachache but was told by her eldest sister that the problem was as a result of the woman they had met at the farm who was manifesting herself to her in spirit form.

Elizabeth Muthoni said her young daughter started by complaining of stomachache. The eldest one then disclosed the problem was as a result of the woman they had met at the mango farm. Photo: TUKO. Source: Original

Muthoni disclosed she smeared her daughters with pig fat that she usually kept in the house to ward off invasion by evil spirits hoping it will work but all in vain.

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“One after the other the two girls fell on the floor of the house and started to speak incoherently. They were also hit by unexplainable strength where I could not manage to control and restrain them,” she said.

On her part, Njeri said she learnt of the incidence from Muthoni while at Mukuyu market where she works after she sent her son to pass a message to her that her daughters too were being attacked by demons.

“I immediately called Pastor Peter Mutune from New Testament Church located at Mukuyu to come and pray for the children. I also brought my children to Muthoni’s home where the prayers were conducted from,” Njeri said.

After regaining consciousness, the four girls are said to have spotted a beautiful woman who was hiding in a maize plantation next to the farm from where they stole the fruits. “The woman greeted me in a sheng language telling me sasa and I replied to her poa. After a few minutes, the woman whom we are the only ones who could see then changed into three handsome men who asked us if we did not fear going to the farm to steal the mangoes,” one of the girls explained to curious onlookers who had gathered at their home.

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She continued:
“The evil spirits followed us to the house and the woman now changed herself into a big snake that started to coil itself around our waists resulting to us getting strangled and leaving us gasping for breath.”

Pastor Mutune who explained that he is gifted in casting out demons said the spell was cast to the four youngster by the mystery woman.

News about the bizarre incident spread like bush fire and within minutes a mammoth crowd had formed at the home located within the residential apartments.

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Others walked to the scene on foot while boda boda and taxis had a brisk business ferrying people from Muranga town and surrounding villages.

The five hour drama ended at around 10.00pm on Saturday.

Mukuyu Assistant Chief Adams Kariuki rushed to the scene and directed the children to be taken to hospital although they had regained consciousness and urged residents to fear God.

“It would be unfortunate if the problem emanated from the woman using black magic and evil powers to guard her mangoes as the anguish these children are going through is not worth the value of the mangoes,” Kariuki said.

Story by Mark Wachira, Muranga County Courtesy Tuko.co.ke

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