Choppers on Mombasa Road Stirs Debate on Social Media

Choppers captured along Mombasa Road

Two choppers invited divergent opinions from Kenyans after they were captured on Mombasa Road at the back of a haulier truck being transported from Mombasa to Nairobi

The photos posted on Twitter were the subject of arguments with people wondering why they had to be transported by road instead of flying them to their destination.

John Muia explained that “This is not a kite! Before you lift this thing 15000ft above sea level, there are a lot of mechanical and technical functions which needs to be fixed appropriately for air safety measures!”

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Choppers captured along Mombasa Road

Michael Orwa responded that they could have been scrap metal that doesn’t work. He went ahead to liken them to some fighter jets that Kenya had bought that developed complication shortly after they arrived.

Another netizen joked that maybe the owner wanted them delivered with zero mileage.

This will increase the number of choppers in the country, a majority of which are owned by politicians.

In September, a new chopper made headlines after it was linked to Deputy President William Ruto who denied the allegations.

A local conservancy team came out to clear the Deputy President’s name after online ridicule and criticism on the costly acquisition.

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“To set the record straight, this helicopter has been purchased by the DSWT as part of our Aerial Surveillance operations in Kenya, for the protection of our country’s wildlife.” read a statement by the entity through its Twitter handle.

The statement added that “It has no links with William Ruto or any politician for that matter.”

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Choppers captured along Mombasa Road
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