Details about Former President Moi 7 children with Gideon Moi being Last born

Former President Moi has 7 children with Gideon Moi being Last born in Moi family.

5 out of the 7 Gideon Moi children have kept a low profile and out of politics.

Here are details about the 7 Moi children.


1.Jennifer Jemutai Kositany.

She is the firstborn of Moi’s seven children.
She attended the Kenya High School and later furthered her studies in the US.
She was a businesswoman and married to a British husband. They are very rich with vast interest in agriculture especially tea Farming.
She divorced her husband after bitter battle in court of management of the tea farm and now leads a life away from public limelight.

Ms Jennifer Jemutai Kositany and her Theta Tea Company were not privy to an agreement, in dispute between Mr Jacob Juma’s Mungore Farm and Eastern Produce.

The 64-year old is also a businesswoman with interests in the jewellery and farming sector.

She previously did business with the deceased tycoon Jacob Juma – a relationship that resulted in numerous court battles.

2.Jonathan Moi

Jonathan Moi is a famous Rally driver.A passion he loved and pursued with Moi not wanting him to pursue it.
Jonathan Moi is now an elderly man living life away from public limelight.

3.Philip Moi

Philip Moi is only Moi son to have joined the army.
The retired army major was once known as the wild man in the family. His father reportedly had him enrolled into the Kenya Army straight after secondary school to knock some discipline into him. Philip’s business activities and connections have sometimes raised eyebrows. He has been associated with Raju Sanghani, recently jailed for assault. He is also said to be in keen rivalry with his younger brother Gideon.

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Publicly, Philip is known as a keen devotee of the Ngong Racecourse. He is an owner and was also the first African, and youngest ever person, invited to be a member of the Jockey Club of Kenya, a fact Time Magazine wryly commented a few years ago might have had more to do with being a son of the President.hilip Moi name has been in public limelight of late over bitter divorce with his white wife who is seeking alimony.

4.Raymond Moi

Raymond Kipruto Moi, born in 1960, is publicly best remembered for his stint as vice-chairman of the Kenya Co-operative Creameries when the giant dairy processor was driven to the ground in the early-to mid-nineties. Apart from KCC, Raymond has been linked to a number controversial private ventures, including the collapsed Heritage Bank.
Raymond Moi is serving his second term as Rongai constituency MP.
The constituency is in their home kabarak where Mzee Moi is retiring.

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5.John Mark Moi
He is twin brother to Doris Moi.
The least known of Moi’s sons, John Mark, born in 1958, was earlier in life considered one of the brightest and most promising in the Moi family.He even secured admission to the prestigious Harvard University.
Away in the US, the fast lane took its toll and he eventually was returned home.It’s believed John Mark had gone mad after ingesting too many substances.

6.Doris Moi

Doris Elizabeth Chepkorir Choge is Twin Siz to Philip Moi.
Doris, born in 1962, has until fairly recently lived a simple and non-controversial life. Little has emerged of her business dealings or her private life, apart from her father’s initial disapproval when she wed Ibrahim Choge, Jonathan’s rally navigator and son of veteran Nandi politician Simon Choge. Ibrahim Choge sadly died in 1998 in a car accident.

Doris attended Nairobi Primary, Limuru Girls, and the British-curriculum Imani School in Thika. She also had a short stint in Australia.
Doris Moi is now living life out of public limelight.

7.Gideon Moi

He is the most famous of the Moi children.
The youngest of the Moi sons, has easily come to be the most powerful, well known and most controversial of the lot.
Born in 1964, Gideon is known for his staggering array of business interests. Currently, Gideon is thickly involved in all of President Moi’s political planning ahead of his vacating office. Gideon is best known on the sporting side for the effort he puts into the learning of the sport of Polo. He also enthusiastically supports the keen participation of his young sons in motorbike racing.
He is gearing up his campaign to run for presidency in 2022.Currently baringo senator.

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8.June Moi.
She was the last born of Moi’s children and was adopted by the former President.June is a favourite of the former President.
She was active in her father’s 1992 and 1997 political campaigns, before retreating to her businesses in land, property agency and development.June attended Nairobi Primary, Kenya High School before going to Canada for her university education.
She attended Nairobi Primary, Kenya High School and then moved on to university in Canada. Unlike her sisters, June is involved heavily in business activities in her own right, concentrating on land and property agency and development.

Compiled by PK Kasirim

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