Former Youth Enterprise Development Fund Chairman, Bruce Odhiambo dies in Nairobi Hospital

Former Youth Enterprise Development Fund Chairman, Bruce Odhiambo has passed on at the Nairobi Hospital due to blood pressure complications.

Before his untimely demise Bruce had been admitted in the Intensive Care Unit at Nairobi Hospital after his blood pressure hit extremely low levels.

Mr Odhiambo is reported to have developed complications after coming back from treatment in India, back in November 2018.


“He developed lots of complications after he returned [to Kenya] in November… The body reacted to the new medication he was given and he got blisters on his hands and legs which became septic,” a source close to Mr Odhiambo told edaily.

Mr Odhiambo had flown to India in October to replace his pacemaker. This is an electrical device implanted under the skin to help manage irregular heartbeats.

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The source says that the problem has been on and off and he was rushed to the ICU on Christmas day and was kept in seclusion so as to treat his wounds.

On Saturday 5 January, he suffered a cardiac arrest and had to be put on life support and on Sunday his blood pressure fell to a low of 54, causing his family to be called for counselling and prayer.

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“It has, however, risen again marginally to 112 and we hope it will stabilise…He’s really put up a good fight. So, please let’s keep praying for his recovery. Today, he is still in a bad state and the BP is down again (44)…The only thing that’s keeping even the nurses hopeful is the fact that he’s still conscious and they’ve given him everything to the maximum till they can’t go beyond the current limits…We keep praying.” the source added.

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Bruce Odhiambo was the fourth chairperson of the Youth Enterprise Development Fund since its inception in 2006. He resigned from his position so as to facilitate the investigations of the Youth Fund scandal in 2016.

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