Hot female worker infects MCAs with STI

A hot subordinate county staff has infected a number of MCAs with a sexually transmitted infection.

The woman, a sweeper at one of the county assembly offices, is said to be the reason the MCAs have been experiencing constant headaches, and reeking of strange odour that follows the legislators like a tail.

Most of the MCAs have since travelled to Nairobi to seek medication. The woman was recently moved to another department after some of the affected ward representatives raised the alarm complaining that, ”Atatumaliza kwa county.”


PowerPlay has learnt that one of the affected MCAs was accompanied by the beautiful sweeper to a private dispensary for treatment.

The MCAs have however not received any sympathy from locals.

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“It serves them right. Most of them are married yet they behave like hyenas,” one local told PowerPlay adding that the sweeper was doing a good job by ‘punishing’ the shameless legislators.
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