Kenyan man storms the internet after exposing his two heavily pregnant beauties

A Kenyan man identified as Collince Ojika has left social media tongue wagging after displaying his two heavily pregnant women on social media.

Collince Ojika posted the conspicuous photo on Facebook celebrating his double blessing as he ushers in 2019 in Style..

“When God Gives,you take it with both hands.Blessings loading 2019” he said on a Facebook post.


The post has so far attracted a lot of reactions on social media with most of his followers congratulating him for the courageous move he has taken.

Here are some of the mixed reactions from social media users

“Congratulations comrade Ojika Collins. Two birds with one stone.
African man rediscovering himuselufu. 💪 💪 💪” Said Oyola D. Kiasa

“The biblical prophesy is being fulfilled. Let men enjoy.” Ellah Maina Ochieng

“Things people do for likes…..
It might look like a joke for now but might create serious mental damages later….
Respect your wife n in-law my dear as they both wait to welcome their bundles of joy…
It’s might turn into a bad joke Collo.” said Juliana Olayo

“Congratulations man, setting such a good example of all male species!” said Wafula Wa Nyongesa

“Bros, How did you do this?!” Linda Ochieng

“Good lesson for ladies if you happen to get a helper receive her with open heart”Dichuo liech dak icham kendite” Winifred

“Blessings of God makes rich and adds no sorrow with it.congratulations May the blessings of God camp in ur Family brother ur one in a million.” Linda

“This beautiful photo is doing the rounds on social media. The man is with his two adorable wives, both pregnant. I’m a staunch proponent of polygamy. Polygamy is good for both the girl child and boy child. The wisest man to walk the face of the earth, King Solomon, had over 700 wives and millions of concubines. A man should have at least two wives — for posterity — and treat them well. This is a cardinal pillar of our African culture that we must not allow to be washed down the drain by white men culture called civilisation. I’ll personally be a polygamist.” Said Jim Bonnie

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