Mr Kok Alat(Left) with bride Nyalong Ngong Deng Jalang(Right).Photo Courtesy|PK Kasirim

THE most expensive girl in the world!!!

Meet Nyalong Ngong Deng Jalang of the Dinka tribe in South Sudan whose parents were last week asking for 500 cows and 3 V8 cars from any man who wants to marry her.

She hails from Awerial in former Lake State in South Sudan.Weeks ago 5 men were competing to marry her. Out of 5 men, one man led with 500 cows and 3 V8 cars..


Among the competitors is the former commissioner of Awerial and the current deputy governor of Eastern Lakes State, among others.

Mr Kok Alat later on emerged victorious after beating Five other men over the South Sudanese 17 year old beauty Nyalong Ngong Deng Jalang after paying 530 cows, three V8 cars and $ 10,000 to the father of this virgin Dinka girl from Awiel in south Sudan,making her the most expensive lady in marriage so far!

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This makes her the most expensive lady in marriage so far.

Juba based wealthy businessman Kok Alat (left) was the only man who was ‘man’ enough to succeed among the 5 men who competed to marry Lady Jalang, according to Thon Laat posting on the South Sudan Culture social network site called

In winning the wealth-based competition to marry Lady Jalang, her husband Alat was able to offer the 500 cows but negotiated for 2 Mercedes cars instead 3 V8s which the parents accepted.

What makes Lady Jalang’s bride price unusually higher than the average is a matter of ‘demand and supply’ determined by ‘scarcity of a beauty’ whose beholders among the Dinka men know best what constitute beauty.


South Sudan is not the only African country that put men through the wealth test to marry women, especially women from ‘noble’ families. In some marriages, a matrimonial collateral in the form of a kilo of gold or more is required from the men as a ‘store of wealth’ to protect the women from becoming destitute after a divorce or upon becoming a widow which often puts the burden of child support on women.

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In several African cultures, marriage and divorce are “at the will” of men, except in a few countries such as Mauritania where the right to divorce is put more in the hands of women than men.

Moreover, the demographic trend on the continent is that women are more vulnerable to becoming widows than the vulnerability chances of men becoming widowers. This is because more husbands die earlier than their wives as men are usually far older than the women they marry at the time of their wedding.

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Overall, when a woman is divorced she assumes the biggest burden of child support which is the same as when becomes a widow. So, some rational parents infuse the impact cost of ‘divorce/widowhood’ into the bride price of a woman at marriage. But most other parents set the bride price of their daughters high for selfish reasons. Lady Jalang’s case may either be for ‘safety net’ or ‘selfish’ reasons or both or none…who knows.

The question begs, what’s very special about this lady that the other ladies don’t have?

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