MP Mishi Mboko predicts Aisha Jumwa will troop back to ODM

Likoni MP Mishi Mboko watering a tree at Likoni School for Blind on October 3, 2018/ ERNEST CORNEL.

Likoni MP Mishi Mboko has said her Malindi counterpart Aisha Jumwa is politically insecure and fond of rebelling.

She said for the second time in five years, Jumwa ditched ODM and followed deputy president William Ruto. Mboko said before 2013, Jumwa joined Ruto but retracted after voters became hostile to her. She said before 2022, Jumwa will return to ODM.

Jumwa has on several occasions said she embraced Ruto after President Uhuru Kenyatta and Opposition leader Raila Odinga shook hands to end political animosity.


Jumwa said Ruto’s backing will guarantee development in her backyard, a theory that Mboko trashed.

“Development is not party-driven. Taxpayers must equally get this. It is our right to get development irrespective of the party we subscribe to,” she said.

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Mboko said in last week’s recording that has gone viral that Jumwa has no impact.

“Her departure left no gap,” she is heard saying. Mboko likened Jumwa to a cow that breaks her leg in the field and returns to the stable.

“So for a person like Jumwa to cross over, it is her democratic right. She once went and came back. What brought her back was voters’ wrath,” Jumwa said.

Mboko said ODM remains the strongest party one can use to win any elective position at the Coast.

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Mboko further said she is not lonely with Jumwa’s absence.The two are known friends.Mboko claimed to be surrounded by political bigwigs in ODM.

“I’m a very lethal politician. I was woman rep and now I’m an MP.I competed with giants.You know ODM is firm and not shaken,” she said.

Early this month, Mboko accused Ruto of causing tension and confusion with his ‘premature’ nationwide campaigns.

Mboko dismissed Ruto’s forays at the Coast saying the Deputy President was “racing against himself and cannot claim an early win.”

She warned ODM rebels trooping to the DP’s rallies that they will “lose big time” in 2022.

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“We saw what happened to Zainab Chidzuga – former Kwale woman representative, and ex-Kilifi South MP Mustapha Iddi,” she said.

The former ODM members lost their seats after supporting Jubilee in the 2017 General Election.

“Leaders like President Uhuru Kenyatta are not politicking but giving back to their electorates through the Big Four,” she said.
-The Star Kenya

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