My government can’t get individual Ugandans out of poverty-President Museveni

Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni has called upon Ugandans to work hard for themselves to get out of poverty.

Museveni said government cannot help individuals get out of poverty because it can only put in place the policies and infrastructure that hardworking people can take advantage of to make their lives better.

According to African Stand,The president was speaking in Ntungamo district where he launched the social economic empowerment programme for the residents in the area.


“Leaders please go and tell people to get out of poverty through hard work. Our role as government is to help those helping themselves. That is why we are here to put for them favourable policies and the infrastructure to help them,” Museveni said.

Museveni gave an example of the catholic church in Uganda and how they started Centenary Bank without any government help and in the end are helping several people through low interest loans.

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“Don’t you see the Catholics started Centenary bank with out any help from government? Now they give people money to take and use profitably then return it with a little interest.”

“Now you have these programs we are launching today where you will get start up capital for which you wont pay a single penny in interest. You should uplift your standards of living. Now leave those expensive banks and use this,” he added.

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Museveni them contributed Shs50m to one of the SACCOs and another Shs20m to the Boda Boda SACCO.

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