Raila Odinga will have two new offices after AU appointment.

Newly appointed High Representative for Infrastructural Development in the African Union His Excellency Raila Odinga will have two new offices, it has emerged.

AU commission chairman Moussa Faki confirmed Raila’s appointment, terming him as ‘experienced man in politics and government’ who can transform fortunes of African continent.

On Thursday, Raila landed in Addis Ababa from China where he was formally notified about the move before it was made public on Saturday.

And the former Prime Minister, who also served at one point as Minister for Energy, Roads and Public Works alongside heading government business, accepted the appointment in Kakamega, during the Mashujaa Day celebrations.

His new offices will be in Addis Ababa, the official headquarters of African Union, thousands of kilometers from Nairobi.


But due to his daily engagement in operations of the country, the AU is set to pay for Raila’s other offices in Nairobi, where he’s at liberty to choose whether to remain at Capitol Hill or move elsewhere.

For years, Odinga has used Capitol Hill offices located in Upper Hill and it’s here that he meets both political players and business partners.


On top of the two offices, Raila will be given official security by African Union, mostly selected from KDF officers with a training from African Union.

Further, a source reveals, he will have his vehicle planted with both Kenyan and AU flags, an indication of power that comes with his new responsibilities.

Mr. Odinga jetted to the United States on Saturday, hours after his appointment to prestigious position.

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