Why Dennis Oliech should Retire from Playing Local Football.

By Cyprian Nyakundi
Kenyan football veteran Dennis Oliech trained with Gor Mahia at Camp Toyoyo today ahead of his rumoured comeback to the Kenyan Premier League.

Methinks Oliech should have just stayed in retirement instead of coming back and ruining his legacy.

The guy has been out of football for over a year and I doubt if he can even complete a sprint. There are many young players out there who deserve these opportunities instead.


Why not venture into something else like coaching instead?

No wonder this country is always lagging behind. Recycling old guys ndio zetu! The disease has now spread into the sporting sector as well.

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By coming back, Oliech has proved to be no different from those old men and women who have refused to exit top government positions as the youths continue to suffer from unemployment.

Stay home Dennis, Kenyan football needs young blood!

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