Why I am still single, explains 59yr-Old CBK Governor Patrick Njoroge

ON PERSONAL GROUNDS: Nominated CBK Governor Patrick Ngugi Njoroge during the vetting by the National Assembly Finance Committee on 15th June 2017. Photo|The Star

Central Bank of Kenya Govenor Patrick Njoroge told MPs during vetting process in 2015 that he refused to marry “on personal grounds” despite hitting 57 this year.

He said his refusal to marry and lack of any investment in the country other than his bank accounts does not amount to a lack of confidence in the Kenyan economy.

Njoroge appeared before the National Assembly Finance, Planning and Trade Committee in 2015, the vetting panel that saw him being approved for the position as CBK Governor.


“You never know what I will have tomorrow. It is not something I am ashamed to tell my grandma. I have personal ideals to pursue. I don’t fear making decisions,” Njoroge said during his vetting process.

Committee chairman Benjamin Langat demanded to know his motivation in handling the job despite not having a family. His lack of local experience owing to “an outsider” tag and how he will relate with highly-experienced professionals at CBK emerged.

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“CBK operates under a charter that asserts its autonomy. We will not be trapped in a political system. This should assure politicians that CBK will operate autonomously,” Njoroge said.

The nominee was responding to Timothy Bosire (Kitutu Chache North) who sought to know how he will shield himself from politics. He said CBK decisions are highly influenced by the government of the day.

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Deputy CBK governor nominee Sheila M’Mbijjiwe was also vetted. Njoroge told the committee taming the runaway interest rates, inflation and the proposed increase in bank capitalisation will top his priority if his nomination is approved.

The nominee told the vetting panel he will demand answers from CBK officials who recommended the increase of bank capitalisation to the National Treasury

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